During the early onset of the pandemic and through the summer, we partnered with Aloha Harvest & Chef Hui to support hard working groups who are helping to feed local communities here on Oahu. We came on board in April as a #FeedthePeopleHI Satellite Kitchen. In partnership with Chef Hui, Chef Rob took rescue food, processed it, and began to feed community organizations creating the #FeedthePeopleHI campaign.

Kona Brewing further supported by making a donation of $10,000 to Aloha Harvest support food rescue efforts.

In their first week, Aloha Harvest and Chef Hui moved over 80,000 pounds of rescued food, and fed over 25K people all over O’ahu.

Mahalo to all the workers and volunteers from Aloha Harvest and Chef Hui! Please visit Aloha Harvest or Chef Hui to learn how to help!